2016 Laureates

The Kavli Prize recognizes scientists for their seminal advances in three research areas:

Astrophysics: the origin, structure, and composition of the cosmos.

Nanoscience: science at the atomic scale.

Neuroscience: science of the human brain.

2016 Astrophysics Laureates

“for the direct detection of gravitational waves.”

2016 Nanoscience Laureates

“for the invention and realization of atomic force microscopy, a breakthrough in measurement technology and nanosculpting that continues to have a transformative impact on nanoscience and technology.”

2016 Neuroscience Laureates

“for the discovery of mechanisms that allow experience and neural activity to remodel brain function.”

Recognizing scientists around the world in the fields of Astrophysics, Nanoscience, and Neuroscience.

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