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Kavli Prize Week 2022

Kavli Prize Week 2022
An overview of activities and events in Norway

Kavli Prize Week is both a biennial celebration of science as well as an opportunity for dialogues on significant research in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience. Held primarily in Oslo, its signature event is the Kavli Prize Ceremony, held in honor of the year's Kavli Prize Laureates.


Saturday 3 Sept:

  • Science Journalist dinner at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Sunday 4 Sept:

  • Information session for guests at Grand Hotel
  • Laureates interviewed by journalists from WFSJ
  • Guided tour of Oslo
  • Kavli Foundation reception, Grand Hotel

Monday 5 Sept:

  • Kavli Prize Laureates interviews at Munch Museum
  • Reception The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Tuesday 6 Sept:

  • Emerging talents (high school students talk to scientists) at Oslo Concert Hall
  • Award Ceremony, Oslo Concert Hall
  • Government’s Banquet, Oslo City Hall

Wednesday 7 Sept:

  • Lunch with the US Ambassador

Thursday 8 Sept:

  • Astrophysics Symposium at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
  • Dinner at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters


Wednesday 7 Sept:

  • Evening reception and dinner at Hotel Britannia

Thursday 8 Sept:

  • Kavli Prize laureate lectures at NTNU
  • Guided tour of the Nidaros Cathedral
  • Dinner at Archbishop’s Palace

Friday 9 Sept:

  • Nanoscience Symposium
  • Neuroscience Symposium

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