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The 2022 Kavli Prize Award Ceremony

His Majesty King Harald V will present the Kavli Prizes to the 2020 and 2022 laureates at the Kavli Prize award ceremony. Jim Al-Khalili and Gry Molvær Hivju are co-hosts and several Norwegian artists will entertain.

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Meet The Kavli Prize Laureates from 2020 and 2022 and watch the interviews by science communicator and BBC profile Vivienne Parry together with science journalist and engineer Danielle George.

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Read in-depth stories about Kavli Prize Laureates and their breakthrough discoveries.

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Watch panel discussions, live conversations, and other events featuring Kavli Prize Laureates.

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Relentless Desire to Help Patients

How 2022 Kavli Prize Laureate Huda Zoghbi moved from the clinic to the lab and was compelled to solve the mystery of Rett syndrome.

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